I started cutting hair from the age of 15 where I was cutting friends hair in school
in the toilets… and eventually became okay but we all know how it goes. I then worked in bars at the age of 16 and friends always said to learn barbering professionally but it was always a hobbie for me and never thought of a career in it and never wanted to lose money and go back to college to learn so eventually I went to learn with a older man the more traditional haircuts where I further then went into working in a Turkish style barbers back home in Reading and eventually I was cutting hair 6 days a week and was flowing but was still unqualified. Luckily for me I found out they can come to the shop your working in and take pictures once a week without me going into the college cause I was only 17 so I got qualified that way I eventually then went to shows and and competitions I have trophy’s and 4 certificates now where I can also train myself. I then relocated to Bournemouth where I opened my first shop C&T barbers at the age of 22 which is always a risk and it ran successfully for 3 years and now I have opened Dapper Barbers in Kinson.


Before the pandemic I was travelling a lot, you see all kinds of different culture, but the one thing that remained the same in each country I visited was that there was always a barber shop close to where you were staying. Being able to cut and create a fade to suit each person is great fun, and something I love to do.


I’m Lily Ive just qualified as a level 2 hairdresser doing woman’s cuts and colours. I am now starting my barbering apprenticeship in level 3. I’ve always had the ability to be creative with hair since I was at Secondary school. So this encouraged me to start training as a hairdresser and as I have done my training in woman’s hair. I now want to train in barbering side so I am able to do unisex hair.


Barbering is my passion, what can I say cutting hair just feels right, there’s no better feeling then giving someone a 10 out of 10 haircut especially when I get to witness the positive affects it has on a someone’s confidence and mood this is why we do it.